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"MTV Fashion Trailblazer Award: Marc Jacobs is the first winner

MTV, temple of music, announced the inauguration of its first prize for fashion, the Fashion Trailblazer Award, realized in partnership with the Council of Fashion designers of America.

The first to receive such recognition will be none other than Marc Jacobs, the eclectic American designer with a twenty-year career full of successes.

courtesy Marc Jacobs

The designer is not completely a stranger to the world of music, on the contrary, his style is recognizable because of the fusion of these two worlds particularly dear to him. Indeed let’s remember his very first grunge collection dating back to 1992 for designer Perry Ellis, then a debut officially established in 1994. Or again, the numerous collaborations with pop stars such as Lady Gaga, Rita Ora, Missy Elliot, Cardy B, or the one with MTV dating back to 2016 at MTV VMAs.


A partnership revived also the following year through a collection that retraced the grunge influences of Jacob’s debut, represented through clothes with a punk-rock style, some of which signed with the iconic M MTV. There will also be the latest project born from the intense collaboration, which will see at the center of the scene a multimedia experience that will furthermore highlight the creative vision of the designer.

Words by Ludovica Mucci


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