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"Nowhere To Be Seen" - editorial

Preview editorial from October print issue

“We hide what we have most precious

but also we hide what we are ashamed of.

We hide so that nobody can discover our secrets.

We hide them because we don’t want them to be discovered

and because we like to drap a veil of secrecy around

what will be ours only forever.

We hide from ourselves because some things

are better not to be seen.

This is valid for everything inhuman still surround us.

That we force ourselves not to look at,

focusing instead on the shiny surface.

We keep some things far from our reality,

as much as to be somewhere not to be seen.”

-words Giulia Greco

Photography, Creative Direction Xavi Prat

Style Mariana Moura & Sergio Serrano

Model Noelle c/o Blare Management

Makeup, Hair Style Andrea Trenado

Production Timotej Letonja

Photography Assistant Fabrizio Colque

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