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"NYFW: Vera Wang SS 2020"

all images by Filippo Fior c/o | courtesy of vogue

Vera Wang lets her punk and rebel spirit free, with corset in sight, suspenders and ruffled mini skirts. There is also some lace, net and organdy that create an effect of see-through with grunge shades.

The collection recalls and develops an aesthetic already dear at the label, a good mix of English puritanism and rebel post punk. The show speaks loud about emancipation and freedom and creates a nebulous and borderless space where daywear, nightwear and sleepwear mix, giving each others light.



An accurate sartorial craftsmanship comes from the collection as well: we can see it on stiff bra, jackets and shorts, but also in the light and transparent tulle, both in black and in the only touch of colour, pink peach and apricot at the end of the show. The same ruffles, the same shapes and the same silhouettes are made by consistent rigid fabrics and by untouchable ones. Maybe this is what we truly like of Vera Wang and the reason why her show strike us every time again. She is able to dilute a very peculiar and "harsh" style into something weightless. And this last season she proved to be perfectly capable of managing that precarious balance between urban chic and suburb underground, taking with both hands from the costume history with no fear of challenging some myths.