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On Flower Power: the exhibition at Galleria Nazionale in Rome

courtesy of Galleria Nazionale

Starting from July 15, the Galleria Nazionale d'Arte Moderna e Contemporanea in Rome

hosts the exhibition entitled On Flower Power. The Role of the Vase in Arts, Crafts and

Design, curated by Martí guixé and Inga Knölke.

Nancy Graves Time shapes the stalactites, 1999 (courtesy 2RC Stamperia d'Arte)

Filippo De Pisis Vaso con fiori, 1939 - Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea, Roma

The project includes the exhibition of about 80 artists who have interpreted the symbolism

of the vase, declining it according to different artistic disciplines, starting from

photography, through sculpture and painting, up to design. It is an interesting project,

which allows a broad and precise vision of the whole universe of artistic disciplines

through the study of an apparently neutral object: the flower vase.

Rediscovered in the second half of the 20th century, the vase of flowers is from that point

on envisioned according to the visions of artists and architects, making it a plastic object

able to communicate through the power of visual language.

Chiara Bettazzi Still Life 02, 2019 (courtesy the artist)

Ursula Mayer See you in the Flesh II, 2014 - private collection

Describing the artistic potential of this elegant object, curator Martí Guixé stated: “A hybrid look at art, craftsmanship and design through an object already transversal, the flower vase, which also becomes an empathetic object because of its ability to find an emotional complicity with its observer. In the exhibition, the flower vase through the interpretation of the artist, the artisan or the designer becomes an empathetic object and in some way the subject of our near future.”

Franz West o.T., 2003 - collezione Valentina Bonomo, Roma

Aurora Sander (Ellinor Aurora Aasgaard and Bror Sander Berg Størseth) Aircleaninglady, 2016-17 (courtesy the artist
 - foto Markus Georg/Insitu)

Among the most important artists on show, we mention Enzo Mari and Gaetano Pesce,

protagonists of the international design scene and then again, the Dutch-born designer

Hella Jongerius, the Austrian sculptor Olivier Laric, the painters Gaetano Previati, Mario

Mafai and Filippo De Pisis. The exhibition also contains two works by Martí Guixé himself,

produced in collaboration with the Accademia del Costume e di Moda in Rome.

words Ludovica Mucci


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