• Giulia Greco

"OOKIOH: modern swimwear made with 100% regenerated materials"

Summer 2019 is (finally) knocking at our door and the usual questions pop up in our mind, punctual as always: what are the new swimwear trends? What should I wear this year on the beach? The answer, today, can be only one: sustainability. We had a talk with Vivek Agarwal, creative director and founder of OOKIOH, swimwear’s brand based in Los Angels with an international spirit. According to Agarwal, sustainability is no more an option, but a moral duty.


courtesy OOKIOH

The mission of your brand is to make good products for women and good products for the environment: what do they have in common? How can, in your opinion, a good environment affect and improve our way of life?

Life exists because of a good environment and not the other way around. It is crucial that we take care of the eco-system for future generations and us. Otherwise, there won’t be life as we see it now.

courtesy OOKIOH

courtesy OOKIOH

A product that doesn’t harm the environment should be a core tenet for everyone and not just us. We happen to be catering to women. In this context, I believe wearing products that don’t put a burden on the planet does make one feel better about doing the right thing and being smart. That feeling radiates outwards.