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"Our Favorites from Venice Film Festival 2019"

The Festival del Cinema of Venice is a milestone.

For the film industry for sure, because it brings together important names and artists from all over the world. The Leone d'Oro had been assigned to "Joker", the remake of one of the most famous villain ever, interpreted by Joaquin Phoenix. While the jury gave the prize to Roman Polanski, everlasting director who presented his latest movie "J'accuse".

Not only for the artistic side of the Festival, organized by the Biennale of Venice and considered the springboard before Oscars. And without thinking about the mysterious beauty of Venice, the city of dreams. All the eyes were at the red carpet, where stars and celebrities, journalists, singers and bloggers showed their best performances. We followed the events and this is the list of our favorite.

Armani was a massive presence on the red carpet. Classy and elegant, timeless and with a seraphic allure, it is always a wise and safe choice, because it is impossible to go wrong with an Armani.

Alessandra Mastronardi, godmother of the 2019 event, wore it many time on the red carpet and in the less luxurious events during the days. She was very elegant and sparkling, and the pearls and crystal embroideries on this gown are just a piece of art.

Greta Ferro chose a tomboy style Armani's suit, with a loose fit and shiny fabrics. Diamond choker and feathers sandals complete the outfit perfectly, proving that power and feminism go along together easily. She was just perfect.

Etro is the secondo important presence on the stage, dressing two of the most wanted models, Candice Swanepoel and Elsa Hosk. After all, they only could wear impeccably these outfits, looking incredible. The final result is a vision from heaven and a level of perfection hard to believe possible.

Sensual minimalism on one side by Etro, while on the other we found the glitz of tulle and pastel colours. The challenge is still open and both the contenders have good points.

Elisa Taviti and Nicole Macchi wore princess-like dresses: layered of organza, thigh waist and vaporous gown. Madalina Doroftei changed the game, giving to the layered tulle a new modern sense of elegance in a dress by Yezael.

Impeccable in white and worth to be mentioned Rooney Mara and Vanessa Galipoli.

Rooney wore a monacan white gown by Givenchy, with perfect lines and very clean. We loved it on the runway and we loved it even more on the red carpet.

Galipoli chose a dress by David Catagnano Couture. We liked the matching fabrics, the layers of lace and also the big big bow on her head.

We're now at the podium of this year edition and we can't not mention Iman and her sublime purple gown by Valentino Couture. Feathers and tropical birds and flowers embroideries gave us a sensation of freedom not easy to forget. It is so light while being so massive, a sensation hard to describe. This is the way a woman and a dress should meet and give light to each other, creating magic.

But the real winner for us is Thimotee Chalamet. It is maybe because he's young, or maybe because he has soft dark curls and a polite face that reminds us of a greek statue. Or maybe it is because we all remember his not easy debut with Call Me By Your Name, where he played a very hard part with lightness and professionalism, without exceeding in sentimentalism. Or maybe it is simply because this suit is a fresh wind we were all waiting for, that gave us new life. He is the real King of Venice - and of the cinema industry, so far. And we really hope to see him always like this, beautiful and happy. In a word, cool.

courtesy Getty Images

Words by Giulia Greco


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