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"PFW: Alexander McQueen SS20"

All images here by Alessandro Lucioni c/o

According to the Business of Fashion, sustainability was the most discussed and interpreted issue in the Paris 2019 calendar shows. Some exemplary cases were those of Dior, with the parade set in the middle of a dense forest of trees, or Stella McCartney’s, who has always fought for greener fashion practices even when the green in fashion was not so fashionable. That of Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen, was a fashion show that made sustainability its central focus, starting with the precious handwork, able to make any detail a work of art, because of the slowness and patience that hands take to achieve great results.

The collection was made by hand mainly with linen fabrics and guipure. “It is a question of slowing the pace of things”, said Burton at British Vogue. And indeed, the result is almost Haute Couture. The minimalism in the colors, constituted mainly by white and black dresses and toile, served as a tool to catalyze the attention on the craftsmanship.

The delicate silhouettes of the Victorian and Georgian eras are made modern thanks to the leather details of the belts, now a classic of Burton, which embellish the dress by further enhancing the romance.

Absolutely divine was Kaia Gerber’s that seemed to have been made by single feathers applied one by one. Definitely couture.

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Words by Ludovica Mucci


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