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"PFW: Chanel SS20"

All images here by Alessandro Lucioni c/o

For her first ready-to-wear show for Chanel after the death of Karl Lagerfeld, Virginie Viard takes us up to the rooftops of Paris in a fashion show above the clouds, but with a collection firmly grounded, that offers us mostly functional and practical clothes in the wake of some iconic styles of Maison Chanel.

Viard was inspired by the atmosphere of Nouvelle Vague, the French cinema “new wave” scene of the 50’s and 60’s, and in particular by iconic actress Jean Seberg and the recent biopic dedicated to her played by Kristen Stewart. The collection offers a portrait of a contemporary woman with joyful and fresh features; this is demonstrated by the colored tweed pieces, the ruffled skirts, the capri jeans, the bouclé, mini dresses and pink lamé hot pants worn with a fringed plume top.

From archive and here reinterpreted in a livelier key, are the mini coats, a navy blue one with the silk details of the collar and pockets, the other paired with a silver sequined skirt. Almost at the end, the show was animated by the entry into the scene of an exuberant youtuber who joined the models in a suit that was not coincidentally reminiscent of the Chanel style. But her catwalk was slashed by Gigi Hadid, who showed her the way out.

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Words by Ludovica Mucci


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