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"PFW: Christian Dior SS20"

All images here by Alessandro Lucioni c/o

Christian Dior's Spring Summer collection is truly amazing. The story seems set in a modern English garden, where contact with nature generates optimism and vitality. It is no coincidence that the greatest inspiration of this collection is Catherine Dior, Christian's sister and a peculiar figure in the second post-war period. After being interned in a concentration camp, the woman managed to survive the Second World War and began to dedicate herself to gardening, becoming a skilled botanist. Her history is the best example to show how to surround ourselves with flowers and respecting the vegetation can only add value to our life.

The theme is, as we all know, very central today, and Maria Grazia Chiuri is always able to weave social messages within her clothes.

"Weave" is exactly the word that can describe the making of this collection, because of the raffia that compose many pieces, clothes but also accessories, such as the rafia belt present in many looks and hats are all examples of woven fabrics. And the countless clothes that acquire values ​​in the inlays and overlapping of different fabrics, such as lace, jacquard, tulle and silk. A precious collection, without a doubt, but which also has a workwear note: in utility pieces, such as the gray boilersuit and parkas, and in combat boots.

It is also important to highlight the second interpretation line of the show, which resides more in the setting than in the collection itself. The trees planted on the sides of the runway will be planted in different parts of the city of Paris, according to a plan of urban regeneration and green spaces. Trees come from all over the world, because living with differences is the true teaching that we should learn from Mother Nature.

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Words by Giulia Greco


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