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"PFW: Dries Van Noten SS20"

all images here by Alessandro Lucioni c/o | courtesy of Vogue

“Today’s world and the political, economic, and environmental climate can be divisive, exclusionary and drab, meager in a way. This left me thirsting for all that would be maximalist, optimistic, flamboyant, inclusive and enchantingly extravagant […]”. In this way read a note by Dries Van shared online just before the show started. 

The designer later stated that he had found the excess he needed in the opulence of the 80’s and 90’s, whose scene was dominated by the eclectic figure of Christian Lacroix. It was a dream for Van Noten to be able to collaborate with him for the spring-summer 2020 collection, just as it was for us to admire the result obtained by this perfect symbiosis, especially for those who have not been able to enjoy the legendary creativity of Lacroix. The rich and eclectic style of Van Noten is combined with the majestic style of Lacroix, made of leopard prints, feathers and sequins. There was no unbalanced clash nor forcing, the whole creation was precisely balanced, as if behind the collection there was only one mind. 

The lights of the Opera Bastille, the piano to accompany the slow and sinuous cadence of the models, have created a magical atmosphere, in which a certain minimalism in the staging counterbalanced the exuberance of the clothes, thus creating sublime balances.

Worthy of note are the platform boots with floral embroideries, the skirts, the bold fuchsia, the brightest shades of orange, the pois and the zebra prints, the exuberance of Lacroix meets with the silhouettes of Van Noten, in an artistic union that will not be forgotten very soon.

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words Ludovica Mucci


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