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"PFW: Loewe SS20"

All images here courtesy Loewe

Complex and radiant as a eighteenth-century painting, Loewe's Spring Summer 2020 takes inspiration from the 16th and 17th centuries. In a certain sense it also takes inspiration from the then Spanish ruling house, the birthplace of the brand, and its magnificence with regards to clothing. Above all, Jonathan Anderson wanted to inherit from this distant age, where every suit was studied and carried out down to the last detail, the meticulous rules of composition that made each piece unique and unrepeatable.

The first look on the catwalk defines the aesthetic standards within which the collection is placed. This is followed by a real escalation in which the simple lines of Loewe expand and stratify and become precious thanks to Chantilly, guipure and voiles.

Anderson's work is a reflection on the importance and appeal of manual work, which makes each piece unique. Even when the pieces produced are more than one, the hand will always work differently and small differences in seams, inlays, overlaps, can be found between one piece and another. And this is precisely what makes this work magical.

A fabulous collection, including princesses, shorts and very refined lace. This is what Loewe has served us for this season, and we can't help but be satiated.

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Words by Giulia Greco


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