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"PFW: Miu Miu SS20"

All images here by Filippo Fior c/o

For this Spring Summer 2020, Miuccia Prada rethinks the whole experience with fashion that our grandmothers and great-grandmothers had. In a time when resources were scarce, they often relied on creativity to make ordinary garments unique. Miuccia Prada always said the collections she designs for Miu Miu are more spontaneous than those she proposes for Prada: this collection starts from “a base which is serious and structured, and after that, each person does what they wish with it. Something raw, simple, naive, not a big deal. Suggesting a way of dressing, and after they’re free to do their own thing” said the designer.

This SS 2020, therefore, combines rigor with extravagance: working on the contrast between heavy materials, such as wools and heavy silks for outerwear, and linen or cotton for dresses; moreover, it gives a lot of space to the decoration: with small embellishments (such as handmade embroideries) or through hand painting (such as paintings of flowers on the vinyl trenches) it characterizes for its simplicity. Prada herself said most of these improvements can be achieved through do-it-yourself techniques.

Clothes are draped in an apparently casual manner and held together by pins, skirts are raised by a curl that becomes a slit, pieces of ruffles are cut out and applied in a way that appears to be casual. In conclusion, this collection turns out to be an ode to creativity and expressing a very simple and direct fashion.

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Words by Elena Affricani


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