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"PFW: Yohji Yamamoto SS20"

All images here by Alessandro Lucioni c/o

Yohji Yamamoto has a language of his own, and we know it well.

Culturally rich, certainly refined, subtly ironic always. The designer has a long and profitable career behind him and he knows very well how to shape and use the expressive medium that is appropriate for him: fashion.

The Spring Summer 2020 is a compendium of modern and contemporary art, which unfolds on different levels of interpretation that have as their first goal not to be understood, but be bewitching.

Maxi hats and woven dresses open the show, showing on one side all the technical ability of Yamamoto, on the other the first artistic theme of the collection, namely the refinement of nineteenth-century ladies in a modern version. This is followed by long coats with very simple lines, embellished by geometric cut-outs at the basin height, which are probably a tribute to the cubist aesthetic. Large ruffles, de-constructed silhouettes, dresses that seem put together thanks to old sheets sewn or simply knotted on the body, where the surrealist current caught the genius of the designer.

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Words by Giulia Greco


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