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"PornHub movie that wants to make the difference"

Well done communication is genial, innovative, intellectual. More, well done communication sneaking in our everyday life unseen, in our simplest actions and reaches in this way a wider and newer public every time.


This is excatly what PornHub did few days ago, publishing online on its webpage the Dirtiest Porn Ever. Dirtiest not only for the plot, but also for the set where the movie has been shot: one of the most polluted beach in the world, where the protagonists meet surrounded by plastic bottles, bags and garbage of any kind. All this wast eventually disappear at the end of the movie, because of the guys wearing white uniforms collecting things around in order to make the beach free. It’s a process we could say, that ends happily and it is the metaphor of what could happen in our reality as well, if we all take action and put some effort, at least watching this short movie. PornHub decided to make a donation to Ocean Polymers for every view. This is for sure a great way to advertise, because the video created a huge hype all over internet and the visits to will spread crazily. But this is also a good initiative, that can (maybe) make the difference.


“At PornHub we have a motto. The dirtiest the better. But even for us there’s a limit”. If porn is usually a relaxing moment, this movie, on the contrary, is a way to reflect.

Brilliant on its own, the idea is also good because it speaks to a new target of audience, maybe not really used to the environmental issue. And even if PornHub’s audience is also aware of pollution and sustainable problems, the message passes through an unusual platform, a neutral field in which plastic bottles and litter have no place.


What really makes us think about it is the platform itself. The mix of genders, let’s say, between social and environmental problems and porn. If pollution reaches porn movies, then maybe we really are aware of the problem.

Words by Giulia Greco


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