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"Rome to establish a Palace dedicated to Fashion"

The motion in the Capitoline Assembly that will allow the construction of a palace in Rome entirely dedicated to the excellence of fashion has been approved. The designated palace is that of Via dei Soldati 25/C, returned in possession of the administration last June 4. The centrality of the place and its proximity to the most representative attractions of the beauty of Rome, will further promote the tradition of Italian and Roman fashion, the art of manufacturing and a world-renowned costume tradition.


“It is important to think about and take serious action to protect fashion and the made in Italy sector” said Carola Penna, President of the Tourism, Fashion, and International Relations Commission “From craftsmen, to small workshops, from fashion academies to major brands that have made our city known throughout the world for their creations, which represent the most refined ones that can be conceived. We want to involve and support tailoring, academies and fashion houses present and active on our territory. The fashion sector is an all-Italian heritage that must be reconsidered and relaunched, especially in the Roman territory, that has seen the birth of the most famous fashion houses: from Bulgari to Fendi, from Gattinoni and Balestra, to Biagiotti just to name a few […]”.


The objective is therefore not only to convey the importance of Made in Italy, but also and above all to enhance the Roman territory as a center of culture and education in the field of fashion, guiding young people to creativity and transmitting the values of craftsmanship and the culture for the beauty and details that has always distinguished the Eternal City.

Words by Ludovica Mucci


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