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"Row Out " - editorial

Preview editorial from August print issue

“If you go for a journey, you’ll never come back the same as you were before. Would it be of five days or five years, time doesn’t matter. The writer Baricco says that life is just as ocean waves: born and grow, they change everything. They eventually lower and go back to the starting point, but nothing left is the same.

So, row out and follow the waves, do not impose your speed but take the journey as it comes. No matter what arbor you’ll dock, something inside of you will change forever during the trip. We are not made to take root, but to look everyday for a new landscape to dive into”

Photography Ekaterina Knyazeva

Style Alexandra Osina

Model Alexandra c/o Avant Models

Set Design Ksenia Kukushkina

Makeup, Hair Style Irina Egorova


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