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Preview editorial from June print issue

“The image is indivisible and elusive. It depends both on our consciousness and on the real world it tries to recreate. If the real world is cryptic, the image is cryptic too [...] Even if we are not able to grasp the Universe in its whole, the image can express this totality.” This is how Andrej Tarkoskij used to speak about one of his masterpiece: The Mirror. In the movie time disappears and the poetic of image dominates the stage. Extremely powerful form of communication, the picture can overcome barriers usually founded in other media, such as language, and communicate also what is normally uncommunicable. It directly stimulates our inner sensibility, hits hard and in depth. Through mirror we see not only our image, but our image into the surrounding world. It is a contextualized image. There’s no line between dream and reality, there’s no line between inner soul and extern landscape.

Photography & Art Direction Alessandro Esposito c/o Productionlink Style Vittoria Rossi Provesi Film Giorgia Benazzo Makeup Barbara Bonazza Using Maccosmetics

Hair Style Matteo Bartolini @Freelancer Agency Using Dysonair & Randco Model Kely Ferr c/o Elite Model Milano

Photography Assistant Luca Trelancia Style Assistant Chiara Denaro Set Assistant Federica Lampone Casting Direction Vanessa Contini c/o Productionlink

Music Anton Fedchenkov

words by Giulia Greco


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