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"Static emotions" - editorial

Preview editorial from August print issue

Artistic creation is, philosophically speaking, the objective representation of subjective life. Artists create to give consistence and material visibility to emotions, which are normally untouchable. Everyone of us experiment emotions and feelings, but they are fleeting, always in motion, as in a flow. Emotions are not measurable by scientific approach, and they are usually hard to explain through words. Art comes when the language is no more useful and makes movements of spirits tangible. It fixes them on canvas and offers them to human understanding.

Art Direction, Photography Domenico Petralia c/o ProductionLink

Production Cross Studio Milano Style Angelina Lepper Model Arina Tenchurina c/o TheFabbrica

Makeup Gimmy Arevalo

Hair Style Alessandro Pompili

Assistant Fabio Massari Style Assistant Rossana Lodo

Post Production Virgil Hritcu


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