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Dior Cruise 2020 collection

On April 29 Dior’s Cruise show took place in Marrakesh, opening the Cruise season 2019/2020.

courtesy of Vogue - ph by Filippo Fior at

Maria Grazia Chiuri’s last collection is inspired by African textile tradition and it is made in collaboration with some African artists who were asking to reinterpret iconic items as the Bar jacket and the flower-shape skirt. Among them Grace Wales Bonner, British-Jamaican artist, and the South American designer Pathè’O, who made a skirt’s tribute to Nelson Mandela. With this show Dior also paid homage to its 60’s period, when the creative director was Yves Saint Laurent, who always had a special connection with Marocco.

courtesy of Vogue - ph by Filippo Fior at

Collaboration and meeting between cultures is the central core of Dior’s Cruise show: the French maison put its heritage and its iconic items at the disposition of emergent African artists and craftsmen in order to make them raise their voice in the fashion field.

courtesy of Vogue - ph by Filippo Fior at

Fabrics and accessories in the show have been made in Africa, following traditional techniques. Skirts for instance have been made with a particular was fabric produced by Uniwax studio, based in Ivory Coast; garments have been made by female artisans in Sumano, where an organization tries to help them to develop their art.

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written by Giulia Greco


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