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Tamara Comolli x Oceana: jewelry made to save the oceans

The German-born brand active since 1992, which takes its name from the designer Tamara Comolli, has started an interesting collaboration that has already given its first fruits; the luxury brand has in fact established a partnership with Oceana, the non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation and development of the biodiversity of the oceans.

courtesy of Tamara Comolli x Oceana

The collaboration has therefore contributed to the launch of a precious jewel whose proceeds will support the organization in the reconstruction of ocean environments, also contributing to the fight against the killing of endangered species, aggressive fishing and water pollution.

courtesy of Tamara Comolli

“The partnership with the incredible organization Oceana is also important for me personally” the designer stated. “The water is an element that is particularly close to my heart and I am immensely proud to support this cause, making our contribution to the protection of the ocean and the life that safeguards”.

words Ludovica Mucci

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