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Tens Sunglasses: The Spectachrome Filter

courtesy of Tens

Newly established company Tens announced “Spectachrome”, the new limited edition lens filter inspired by the distinct color palettes of Wes Anderson movies: «Wearing Spectachrome feels like

walking into a scene of a sun-bleached 1970’s postcard».

Tens is a filter sunglasses brand that was founded by three Scottish friends (Kris, Marty and Tom) in 2014. The founders applied their background in photography and filmmaking to develop a custom filter lens that drenches everyday life in rich, warm tones. In 2014 they successfully crowdfunded on Indiegogo their original filter lens which many described as “an Instagram filter for real life”.

To create this limited edition, Tens worked with a group of optical experts based in Lyon for a year.

The result, which you can preview in the video of the campaign, makes every landscape look like a scene from a movie by the director of “Moonrise Kingdom”, “The Royal Tenebaums” and “Gran Budapest Hotel”, delivering a mesmerising colour shift, combining rich emerald greens and accentuated citron tones.

There are five available models, with different variations of shape and color. The lens are very high quality: they are manufactured in a world-leading Tens' supplier located in Northern Italy and feature full UV400 protection, blocking 100% of harmful rays whilst offering a unique viewing experience. The cost is about 70 euros (plus shipping fees); you can preorder the sunglasses on Lens’ Indiegogo.

words Elena Affricani


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