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The Full Service presents S&X for EVERYONE.

Sex, sensuality and liberation take center stage in Azzi Glasser and The Full Service’s lustfully glorious S&X campaign round two! In an erotic homage to the flesh, this new three-part film series – conceived by The Full Service & directed by Rankin - delves into desire and this time ‘everyone’ is invited.

Award winning fragrance designer Azzi describes the fragrance, titled The Perfumer Story – S&X by Azzi as: ‘a hedonistic symphony of notes that tell the story of the touch of bodies, the beauty of skin on skin and above all lasting memories.’

Just as Rankin captures fleeting desire in an image, Azzi does the same through her scents. And it was up to The Full Service to take these elements and make a campaign that would grab the world’s attention and seduce them while doing it.

The last campaign for the fragrance was provocative, fearless and wild, just like the perfume. But this year the creative agency saw an opportunity to create another chapter in this tale.

The Full Service team said : ‘We’re never finished with a concept. Our ideas are constantly evolving, always changing. This time we wanted to work the idea of universal sexuality into the S&X ethos. It’s an important message to translate to the world and our unisex perfume was the perfect platform for it.’ So, with a desire to champion sexual liberation, empowerment and pride The Full Service took their previous campaign and ran with it.

In these new films the powerful illustration of same sex desire taps into a world of carnal urges and fearless infatuation. But as ever, The Full Service is always one for surprises, and this campaign is no exception as we dive into the desires of the aged.

Beautiful in their unapologetic desire for each other.

So, get ready to tingle whether you’re watching the film or smelling the fragrance.

Sensuality is something that can be enjoyed and experienced by ALL. So can the fragrance S&X.

The Perfumer Story by Azzi – S&X is now available exclusively at Conran, Fortnum and Mason, Harrods, Harvey Nichols, Liberty and Net a Porter. Prices: £95, €125, $150

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