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The Gucci App opens up to the augmented reality

Gucci has presented a new functionality in its App that gives the possibility to try the Sneakers Ace

through an augmented reality program. In this way costumers can try the shoes collections even

before their launch. Gucci’s partner in this new initiative is Wannaby, a company specialized in

creating augmented reality platforms that are specifically programmed to try shoes, jewellery and

clothing before the purchase.

Wannaby’s mission is to personalize the shopping experience by combining technology and

fashion. Trying the Gucci Sneakers Ace finds its perfect collocation in this scenario, given the fact

that these shoes represent the freedom to express our own personality without filters.

Indeed, these sneakers are often put under a reinterpretation process and presented always with

new styles, giving the customers the opportunity to choose the version that is the most suitable

with his or her identity. Once the shoes are selected, the costumer can go the to the Maison’s

official website and complete the purchase.

The augmented reality represents a further step towards a more accurate shopping experience,

with the chance for the customers to try the right model with no rush. Gucci also offers an

entertaining functionality; it is indeed possible to take photos of the experience to share them on

social channels, adding also stickers and special backgrounds offered by the app.

words Ludovica Mucci


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