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"The Shape of Water: Artisanal Intelligence’s exhibition at Altaroma"

Artisanal Intelligence, the ongoing project curated by Clara Tosi Pamphili and Alessio de Navasques came back at Altaroma to propose a series of seminars and workshops focused on the theme of water. “The Shape of Water” promoted a dual message; on one hand, water conceived as a natural element able to adapt in any situation, here better understood as a metaphor of the need to open up to diversity, on the other hand, water conceived as a connecting element between the man and the planet.

Therefore, the seminars aimed at bringing the public closer to different realities, from the discovery of innovations in the field of sustainability, to some social issues addressed through an excursus on fashion and the traditions of migrants.

With this aim, some archive pieces of the brand “From somewhere” created by Orsola de Castro, one of the founders of Fashion Revolution, have been exhibited. The collaboration between the brand and Speedo has allowed the creation of clothes consisting mostly of swimwear previously discarded by the Italian Swimming Federation.

The project presented by Daniele Biscontini “Emersum Impact Lab”, which demonstrated how the environmental impact of textile production can actually be calculated, was innovative and compelling. He has designed an application that provides information on the materials that constitute a garment, so as to indicate proper treatment to avoid further damage to the environment.

A more social-related initiative was that of “B&W: Black and White, the migrant trend”. Departed from the Macro Museum of Rome by Nation25, the project presented the collections of “Talking Hands” and “Atelier Trame Libere”. Together with tailors Nosakhara Ekhator and Moustapha Sylla, the public has deepened the theme of social transformation, in particular the way in which costume traditions and identities undergo a mutation from the encounter with completely new realities and cultures.

Words by Ludovica Mucci


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