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"Valentino SS20 menswear: the exotic utopia"


Pier Paolo Piccioli has a great imagination, together with a natural sense for colours’ matches and a taste that emerge in every collection. Each show has indeed something exotic and magic, hard to define but easy to understand for our senses.

Menswear collection for Spring Summer 2020 is born from the willpower to homage the imaginative power of human mind and feelings. In the process music and literature are involved as well, among other arts, because they help men to escape and “travel” in far away countries without even moving from the room.


Romances yesterday, internet today, every technologies men developed during time was meant to move and explore. Territories of mind are endless and there’s nothing men desire harder than have no borders.


The style of the collection is inspired by technic garments of jungle’s explorations. Pants, jackets, parka and jumpsuits are declined into an urban chic style. Camouflage leaves space to exotic patterns, that reproduce natural wild landscape of Africa with psychedelic colours. What the eye see and what the mind imagine mix together and we can’t see the difference anymore. The difference actually doesn’t matter anymore, when the genius mind behind is Piccioli, who is able to shape the world according to his imagination only.

Words by Giulia Greco


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