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"Very Ralph": an exclusive documentary about Ralph Lauren, by HBO"

American TV broadcaster HBO announced the production of "Very Ralph", the first documentary portrait of fashion icon Ralph Lauren. The documentary debuts on November 12 and will focus on

the private life of the famous American designer and on the creation of one of the most successful

brands in fashion history. "Very Ralph" is directed and produced by award-winning documentarian Susan Lacy, who also worked on HBO’s “Jane Fonda in Five Acts” and “Spielberg”.

courtesy Ralph Lauren

The documentary comprehends interviews in which the designer, embodiment of the American

Dream, reflects on the journey which from the Bronx brought him to be the emblem of American

style all around the world: his childhood, his five-decade-long marriage with his wife Ricky, the

early days of his company and so on. Ralph Lauren was also a pioneer in the fashion industry:  he

was the first designer to create and market a complete lifestyle brand and expand into home

furnishings and one of the first to champion diversity on the runway and in advertising. 

"Very Ralph" also features vivid archives from 50 years of the fashion brand, as well as interviews with Lauren’s family, long-standing colleagues and other notables from the fashion world, including Anna Wintour, Karl Lagerfeld, André Leon Talley, Naomi Campbell, Calvin Klein,

Diane von Furstenberg, and Vanessa Friedman.

Words by Elena Affricani


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