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Wolford says it’s “time for change”

Wolford, Austrian brand focused on lingerie and clothing for women, has announced

its new line made of products created with the Cradle to Cradle ® Certified

technology, for which the brand has obtained a certification.

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The products have been created from the combination of the iconic elements of the

brand, comfort and quality, and this new technology that allowed the creation of new,

biodegradable materials. These are born out of detailed research and have been

certified from Material Health Assessment together with EPEA Switzerland.

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“Aurora” products are leggings, tops, t-shirts and pullovers and are made with Tencel

Modal, a cellulosic fiber made based on wood, Infinito by Lauffenmülhe, a special

modified oil-based polymer and Roica, a special modified oil based smart yarn.

After been used, the products can be returned directly in store and the customer can

have a 10% discount on new Cradle to Cradle ® products. The brand itself will take

the old products to an industrial composting station where they will start a new life as

a biogas or humus.

written by Ludovica Mucci


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