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It seems that as the season of merriment flourishes, our choices of color become bolder, brighter, and all the more daring. Red is the one true color with the ability to transform a whole outfit and, indeed, one’s whole outlook on the day. Not only does this striking color have transformative qualities, but it is a trend that has immersed itself in all fashion-savvy inspiration boards. Its vibrancy and eye-catching qualities will make your wardrobe both distinctive and charming. Be sure to catch our article on how to truly master this crucial Christmas trend?

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As we move into the festive period, we also see the runway begin to embrace the enchanting Christmas spirit, making it the most wonderful time of the year for the world of fashion, too! Many runway shows for winter this year have been scattered with all shades of sparkle; the season for sequins and metallic textures is here! The holiday season is the one time of the year where we can finally dig out the old sparkly numbers and make a truly dazzling impression at your Christmas party. Finally, if you’re scared that a sparkly, full-blown garment won’t really fit your look, fear not! Something as simple as some sparkly statement heels will certainly work their winter magic on any outfit you wear. A bold glitter piece accommodates many different style preferences. Both the trend’s versatility and glamour makes it a winter must, so adorn your sparkle and be merry!


It may not seem the most obvious clothing trend to follow this season, but the classic suit style has been prevalent on recent winter runways. The versatility of this look lies within its ranges of fabrics, patterns and various overall aesthetics. We have seen this trend establish itself across a wide variety of women, from runway to street style; from daytime to evening-wear. It is supremely difficult to look at Oscar de la Renta’s velvet suit and not fall in love with its divine cut and colour. Although the tailored trend doesn’t cater to everyone’s personal style, its flattering cut emphasizes the more attractive aspects of the female physique, providing a mysterious yet mature look that will truly make heads turn. If you dare to pair your suit with an additional key staple this year, the chunky belt, as we see beautifully displayed by Isabel Marant, then your outfit will be right on trend. With the New Year looming, it’s time to add some feminine confidence your wardrobe. Step out of your comfort zone and master this two-piece classic!

SO 70’s.

As time goes by, some looks never leave us. Fashion never truly let go of the 70’s, and it only takes a look at 70’s designers’ runway showpieces to understand why the unique style of cuts, shapes, and fabrics will always hold a dear place in our hearts. We cannot simply allow flares and flattering cuts to fade away, and we won’t. The 70’s revival is currently taking the fashion world by a storm and shows no sign of stopping with the trendy bohemian-meets-preppy look, one that many designers have fallen in love with. We see the splendour of the 70’s radiate with the likes of Fendi, Chloe and Bottega Veneta, who unite these rich shades of brown with textures of cord, fur and velvet, to create a match made in heaven. It’s hard to forget the stunning combination of the fur coat, chunky knit and wide-leg velvet trousers that Max Mara graced us with on the runway. The 70’s look highlights a lovely way to clash different fabrics against one another to create a visually and textually pleasing aesthetic. These collections demonstrate how the 70’s trend incorporates essential winter staples, including various textures, hues of brown and wonderful winter florals; this fashion throwback is easily one of the strongest trends of winter 2017.


Temperatures may be dropping, but who needs to sacrifice style for warmth? You can simultaneously fight the cold whilst sporting an outrageous outwear piece – a key trend this season. This particular trend has no

rules. A winter warmer can consist of a statement coat, an ‘out there’ jumper or you could even follow the increasingly popular sub-trend of hats. We have seen the rise of baker boys and berets and witnessed the sophistication that they can bring to any outfit. A simple outfit can give rise to the classiest of looks. Max Mara and Isabel Marant are two particularly prevalent designers, who have chosen to focus on knitwear and eye-catching coats to truly make this chilly season more fashion-forward. With a little help from Max Mara and their focus on textures, you can cosy up in style on your daily adventures, whatever the weather. The winter hues make for an opulent display of color and vibrancy, making the need to wrap up warm still on trend and chic. So, thankfully, we don’t need to choose between staying warm or staying fashionable. It is now possible to achieve both warmth and wonder; challenge accepted.


This winter, the runway has focused on various shades of blue, but specifically royal blue and midnight blue. Today’s fashion color palette is darkening, and is rewarding us with numerous sophisticated outfits as a result. Some designers like Anna Sui decided to make a stand-alone blue garment, which contrasts with the velvety black and blue undertones of her stunning jumpsuit, creating an altogether enchanting outfit. However, other designers, such as Christian Dior, are combining different shades and textures of tulle and knit to create a mesmerising creative display of hues. All these magical shades of blue tie in wonderfully with these cold winter nights, making it the perfectly complimentary trend to mirror this festive season.


The floral trend has survived across the years and across the seasons, and it is enduring the storms of winter. It is one of those wonderful trends that accommodates all ages, shapes and styles. Floral patterns have the power to make an outfit busier in the best way possible. It’s a proven trend that we can always rely upon. Simply throw on floral jeans, a blouse or a jacket to revitalise your day-wear, or have it be the star of the show, and make it your central garment for a night out. Think Victorian vibes with higher collars and delicate lace, think casual vibes with patchwork florals, or better yet, think velvet tones for a vampier, darker look. The limits are endless with floral patterns and it is a trend that will see you through many years and many seasons to come. Watch this space!


Velvet is everywhere right now. We are seeing it across high-street stores, celebrities on the red carpet and on the runway; it is a new essential addition to your winter wardrobe. Dolce & Gabbana and Christian Dior are two of the most prominent designers who are currently displaying the versatility and glamour that the velvet look can bring to your personal style this season, ranging from plunging neck lines to tailored suits and shoulder pads. These opulent tones will allow you to look effortlessly sophisticated with a simple statement piece. You can also dress up your richly textured garment with a glittered heel or some bold jewellery. Now is the perfect time to bring classic Hollywood glamour and dark, romantic elegance into your evening wear, making this seasonal trend one to remember.


Chanel and other designers are channelling galactic vibes this season and exploring outer space. The classic relationship between art and fashion has been utilised to create awe-inspiring designs. We’ve been presented with heavy dark tones, as well as sparkled and encrusted denim jackets, and mini beaded dresses. Chanel has focused upon a mini 60’s dress, with white tights and the increasingly popular glittered, slouched boots, creating a runway look that will be hard to forget. Although unusual, the space-inspired trend is distinct, and adds a romanticised air to the overall style of the collections, making it a trend we can’t help but want to try. Stars, planets, and moons are scattering themselves across our fabrics and renovating any garment into a magical depiction of the night sky.


The likes of Nina Ricci, Alexander Wang, and Stella McCartney have given the catwalk an extra air of sophistication by adopting the flattering and timeless checkered print. It can be adopted into various styles, not just with an elegant coat, but also in the form of a suit or pinafore. With the added interest in high collars and delicate lace on runways this winter, checkered styles allow for more versatility and experimentation with layers, to create a classic staple look. Checkers allow for a refined look, but they can also contribute to a rather 90’s and peppy style. Combine your checkered prints with shades of brown and black to steal from the runway and stay on trend this winter!

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