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The must have shoes trends to watch out for in Summer 2018

For us girls, our shoes are our best friends. They can either make or break an outfit. Despite owning 100 pairs of different black shoes, we try to justify the fact that the buckle on one pair is slightly different to the other pair at home. Oops!

Giorgio Armani courtesy of Vogue Uk

As we are slowly getting warmer weather, the summer days are soon to be here. Which only means one thing...time for sandal weather. Time to make sure we get our favourite nail varnishes painted on our toes as it is all about what is on our feet this summer. This season, we'll be stepping into a time machine of shoe trends—from kitten heels to mules. Will we soon be seeing a return of the jelly sandals? Give your wardrobe a refresh (and a treat) with the must have shoe trends to watch out for in summer.


Toe Ring Sandals The sandals that make all the others boring. A toe sandal is the definition of chic and a low key statement shoe that will make your outfit pop.

Mules Mules are great for when you want to go from shopping with the girls to drinks in the evening. Best thing about mules? They come in every shape, colour and style. Whether you like a chunky heel or occasionally opt for more of a kitten heel, mules have got your back!

Brighter the better Of course, black goes with everything. But sometimes when we wear an all black outfit there is always something missing… A bit of colour. Going for a pop of colour in your accessories to screams style in your outfit. Whether you go for a bottle green or a sunflower yellow, the world of shoes is in your hands.

Kitten heels Lets not roll our eyes at this classic shoe. The heel which has previously been associated with our grandmas, the small heeled shoe is great for those summer days.

White is a great take for wanting to add some elegance to your outfit, or go for a statement print kitten heel to really push your style.

What shoes are you looking forward to wearing in Summer?

Written by Jordan Ellen Wood

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