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"Top" bags for SS 2018

courtesy of Vogue

For all bag's maniacs this season is really full of ideas and the trends are very special, so much that we could go around with a little black dress for three months combining only the accessories, and always seem very different. We have selected our favorites from fashion weeks all over the world!


For all accessories transparency is a must have, perhaps the greatest trend ever for this season. Have fun because the choices are really many and we recommend ... order in the bag!



The feminine rocker style is irresistible! Studs and buckles are dampened by flowers, pastel colors, satin ribbons and so ... everyone has the courage to dare, even just a little.



Another trend that we have seen in many fashion shows is the "comic" style. Pop colors, prints of vintage designs customized by brands, for those who love being in the spotlight.



Exactly like the rocker style, even the sporty one (absolute and ubiquitous trend in all the brands) is made more feminine thanks cuts, colors and combinations that make it wearable in any occasion.



With rigid handles, in soft fabric, combined with other handbags and chains, seems that the spherical shape has been much loved by the designers.



The "wicker bags" have now entered in a permanent trend, we find them in all seasons and don't seem wanting to get out. Inspired by this trend, many designers have created lovely "wicker beach bag" style woven leather bags, such as Giorgio Armani and Miu Miu.

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