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The 2018 July Man issue #2 is out!!

Take your copy HERE


Cover story:

Photography Tatiana Nikishina

Style ALiS BO and Armine Cocharyan

Model Dani K c/o Stockholmsgruppen models

Makeup Olya Boogie

Makeup assistant Anna Tikhonkih

Hair style Valérie Kolés

Special Thanks to Chaos Space studio



Password: Communicate.

Whether they are new collections, internationally renowned artists, events or simple pronouncements it looks like we’re finally emerging from a long period of media and artistic torpor. The brains are perhaps starting to wake up and everywhere you can breathe an intense air, everything is aimed at communicating an important message. From the #meetoo movement to the #bodypositive in fashion, to works of art trying to express the social and political discomfort of the world, everything seems to make us understand that our time is undergoing a great change, and someone hopes that there may also be positive changes.

Do not miss the interviews with artists Michael Murphy of Perceptual Art, Paul Stone of MyDogSighs and the designer Dee Serret with his new Capsule Collection.

Follow with us the menswear fashion weeks SS19, and discover the upcoming trends!

And many editorials from super teams all over the world!!!

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