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Paolo Pecora, a new definition for Milanese athleisure

Paolo Pecora, the Italian sartorial brand, has just unveiled its Fall/Winter 2018-19 campaign. With pictures shot and styled by new names Vito Fernicola and Pau Avia, Pecora gave a chance to new artists while bringing a breath of fresh air in Italian menswear. The images were shot in Milan, symbol of the roots of this brand. This is what Paolo Pecora is all about: finding the perfect line between heritage and modernity while avoiding falling into déjà-vu.

Urban chic, young, spontaneous, these are the words that pop to your mind when you think about the new release of the brand. The shots are not overdone, no strict poses, no overly structured frames, but rather an authentic and real way of posing combined with a street style type of photography. The brand decided on avoiding the traditional unattainability only fashion campaigns have the secret of. It rather settled on presenting realness, hoping to attract a new audience while keeping its loyal one. This decision was taken by Filippo Pecora, creative director of the menswear line, in order for the brand to extend its range of potential clients.

Paolo Pecora is now at the meeting point of youth and maturity as it mixes without any faux-pas sportswear and traditional formal Italian apparel. It can definitely bring together various generations under its roof.

We feel like every man will be able to find what he is looking for in their selection of athleisure and chic pieces, whether he will go for an Ivy-league inspired polo or a classic two-piece set. Paolo Pecora is taking a new road, and it looks like this is the right one.

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