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I AM MANY - Rebecca Minkoff's new feminist squad

“Fearless doesn’t mean you don’t have fear. It means that, as you look fear head on, shaking in your boots, you do what’s scaring you anyways.” This is how Rebecca Minkoff interprets her woman, a strong yet kind individual, someone with many different shades, a person that wants to create a positive impact on the world. Being a mother, an artist, an entrepreneur, or becoming President of the United States, fighting against stereotypes and for everyone’s rights, without ever hiding their vulnerability but instead wearing it with pride, all that and so much more are the women protagonist of the

new campaign, “I Am Many”.

“Together we are unstoppable”, the designer declares in her video-manifesto her will to represent women’s multidimensionality and strength, to prove that putting together their resources and energy leads to extraordinary results. Launched in September during

last New York Fashion Week, the initiative is a real movement in which Minkoff invites everyone to take part, telling their story to the world through the hashtag #IAmMany -

motto printed on a T-Shirt with the possibility to be featured on the Instagram page of the brand.

The keyword is, therefore, diversity.

The designer decided to represent this complex subject with the aid of ten one minute long videos, in which the main characters are women defined by a strong individuality

and background, yet with the same desire to make their voice be heard and uphold other women.

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