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Elisabetta Franchi SS 2019: Vivid, Sorbet Tones

Elisabetta Franchi SS 2019 campaign

After a glowing reception during MFW, and the recent 20th anniversary celebrations for her brand at the end of last year, (not to mention her milestone birthday!), Italian designer Elisabetta Franchi’s advertising for the ultra-feminine Spring Summer 2019 collection has arrived and it’s a dream. Appearing as if they’ve stepped out of a fairytale, in a cocktail of candy colours, the happy-go-lucky models make their way through the metropolitan streets, boldly contrasting against the grey urban shades of the city. EF expresses, ‘the images, full of realism, carefreeness and spontaneity, reflect the Italian lifestyle of the brand expressing freshness and modernity.’

The vivid garments are eye-catching and demand attention whilst retaining Elisabetta Franchi’s signature high glamour and elegance; this is for the sophisticated, career-driven woman who still draws hearts on paper notes. Named as Pantone’s ‘Colour of the Year 2019’, EF is bang-on trend as coral is the standout shade, along with hues of turquoise, lemon yellow, peach, baby pink and electric blue to list but a few; a colour palette indicative of youth and summer sensuality. Admittedly, for the runway show, Elisabetta had ‘imagined a playful, colour-filled dream’ and ‘banned black’ focusing on ‘colours like peony and pollen’ conjuring up metaphors of the first flowers to bloom in the optimism of Spring, furthermore accentuated by the flow of the fabrics.

courtesy of @elisabettafranchi instagram

One of the striking pieces within the collection is the sequined dresses, of varying lengths, featuring an adorable heart cut-out on the bodice. The cutesy heart theme continues through to shoes and accessories as well as the other colourful highlight; the geometric lettering pattern in the brand’s name. There is the classic tweed combined with metal chains; denim punctuated by what looks likes candy confetti; a plethora of plunging V-necks; pleated skirts; reliable garments like the tube dress in an array of pastel colours and of course, the striking sports section. Extravagant, yes, but fun! Delicate embroideries amongst bright patterns. For loyal EF fans, the luxurious collection is also reinterpreted in the ‘La Mia Bambina’ range for children; expect to see matching mother-daughter outfits filling up IG, living out the fairytale wardrobe.

courtesy of @elisabettafranchi instagram

Romantic, girlish looks took centre stage in the Spring Summer 2019 runway shows (Marc Jacobs, Carolina Herrera, amongst others) apparent that for this year, femininity is the new black. In any case, Elisabetta Franchi’s classic style has always been characteristically ladylike, whilst the new collection takes it in a playful direction. The label has experienced a surge in popularity in the years since it’s debut in the SS2015 MFW, with a turnover in 2018 of five million Euro more than the previous year and international expansion projects in the USA, China and Russia to follow.

courtesy of @dilettaleotta Instagram

Diletta Leotta glistens in a look from the EF SS 2019 collection for the 20th anniversary of the brand.

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written by Alys Jackman

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