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House of Sunny: It’s not a secret anymore

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With opening of March, it’s starting the countdown to those warmer temperatures when the sun rises up into the sky and it’s hard to go down. It’s that time of the year where it’s hard to leave cozy and warm knits, but at the same time we can’t wait to clean out our wardrobe and introducing those spring-ready pieces and accessories that give off colours, emotions and new scents.

For professional or personal gratification, we fashion victims spend countless hours scrolling through Instagram, because there is no more satisfaction than to discover new stylish people and fresh brands.

A striking example is the new London brand spotted randomly on Instagram. During the summer season 2018, indeed, on socials you could run into a cropped top featuring voluminous and soft lines, balloon sleeves with a versatile and flirty nature, a stunning top with a circle ring that can be worn from two ways. At first glance you understand very quickly the authenticity of garments, the charming pics fascinate and you want to find out more… and the click on “follow” button is almost spontaneous.

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When the fall season arrived the social boards have literally gone crazy: beautiful knits, featuring block shapes in powder blue, turquoise in contrast with chocolate brown, but the staple piece is a green coat in vegan print croc leather, with detachable leopard print faux fur collar. A dream, not only for eyes.

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“More than a pleasure, more than a coat”

Today we introduce House of Sunny, perhaps someone already know this brand, but for inquiring minds…

It was 2011, when the independent label was formed, located in East London, under designer Sunny Williams’s vision. The designer has been devoted to fashion ever since was a young boy and his brand produces essential ready-to-wear staples. 

From the background of Savile Row, the designer today defines his personal style in ever-changing often depending on his mood and what he likes, but it’s always quite oversized and relaxed.

The brand’s collection is entirely sourced and designed in a refurbished 1930s Art Deco factory in Dalston with a focus on: clean, less-is-more aesthetic, wearable pieces that will last longer than just one season. Sunny wants his over-sized, masculine silhouettes to inspire and empower women through the iconic 60s mod colours, and strong as chic black and white contrast palettes. 

Quality and sustainability for HoS is always foremost in thought along. Each and every design is crafted with the upmost care. The design team researches and sources sustainable fabrics, trims and manufacturing methods, creating clothing of authenticity and character.

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The House of Sunny woman: bold and intelligent, she dresses with intensity; she follows her instincts and follows her heart. 

The core collection targets a customer looking for everyday pieces with an edge; it’s for women who like to mix up their clothing. 

“I'm seeing more and more friends wearing pyjamas to the shop with a boyfriend hoodie or jacket, especially East London girls looking like they’re putting it together in a very eclectic way…”, explained by designer Sunny.

HoS garments are just clean-out and sophisticated, a close reminiscent of Scandinavian fashion, for example the brand Ganni. The designer tells how his style is influenced by his Canadian origins, Stockholm journeys and the visit to the Acne Archive, but also the love for the Japanese style with sandals and oversized pants, wrap dresses so oriental but so chic.  

Instagram @houseofsunny

The independent company has organically grown from strength to strength with the team now working with many retailer partners including ASOS, Topshop, Urban Outfitters, Lisa Says Gah, Need Supply and Bjork. Also HoS has a big social media presence especially on Instagram thanks the collaborations with celebrities, for example with Kendall Jenner, and influencers.

Clothes with clean-cut line, flawless aesthetic, directional but affordable essentials for everyday wear with a point of difference. Palette with soft pastel hues, perfect to add a breath of fresh air to your tired wardrobe, these are the House of Sunny collections.

How can we not fall madly in love with this brand?

During the Paris Fashion Week, in an antique Parisian building, HoS launched the preview of the next Fall/Winter 2019 collection. We already got a sneak peek.

White endless walls and large-scale mirrors in contrast with mid-century modern furniture and minimal decors, at the front line velvets, eco-furs and knitwear fabrics, unique garments with modern 70s vibes including pastel colours and brownish from cappuccino to dark chocolate.

With its elegant pieces and in the era of time, House of Sunny transforms our style and illuminates silhouette.

by Veronica Valdambrini

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