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BVLGARI, the story, the dream: the exhibition in Rome

From the 26th of June until the 3 rd of November 2019 the exhibition BVLGARI, the story, the dream will be open to visitors in two of Rome’s museums, Palazzo Venezia and Castel Sant’Angelo. The exhibition traces the origins of the prestigious luxury brand from its first steps, made by founder Sotirio Bulgari, who came in Rome in 1884 to start a new life.

The story goes on by presenting some of the most important jewels of the Heritage Collection,

wonders born out of the combination of creativity and the excellence of craftsmanship, they marked

the entrance of the brand in the luxury world, further underlining their indissoluble union with

cinema and the years of Dolce Vita. Indeed, jewels of Elizabeth Taylor’s collection are exposed,

together with those wore by Gina Lollobrigida, Ingrid Bergman, Anna Magnani and Audrey


As a counterpoint to the jewels, the exhibition will also show some Haute Couture clothes of Cecilia

Matteucci Lavarini, which open a crack in the past and show the trends that marked the various

chapters of the Maison, and so the short-films, some pictures and archival documents enrich even

more the exhibition and introduce the visitor in Bvlgari’s magic atmosphere.

“I thought, and I still think about Bvlgari as one of the most remarkable Italian reality” states

director of Polo Museale del Lazio Edith Gabrielli “it is so due to story of taste, because Bvlgari

alone evokes a great tradition of technique and beauty in applied arts. It is so for the story of

work; let’s never forget about the hundreds of people, most of whom are our compatriots, that

work in the factory in Valenza or in Florence and Rome. For these reasons, organizing an

exhibition for and with Bvlgari means making something good for our country”.

words Ludovica Mucci


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