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"Nature Needs Heroes: here how Timberland takes light steps in Nature"

Brands move and look for initiative to build a greener and more sustainable future.

Timberland is not afraid to raise the bar and commits to plant 50 millions of trees all over the world for the 2025.


According to a study from the Polytechnic of Zurich, reforestation could be a good answer to the actual climatic changes our environment is going through. If we globally commit to create green oasis, untouched and luxuriant in many different part of the Planet Earth, we could remove up to 2/3 of the CO2 emissions generated from human activities. A tangible and measurable activity first of all, that’ll give to the brand the possibility to follow the process and bring a real change in the world. And hope for a better future, greener and healthier for all of us.


Jim Pisani, global brand president at Timberland, declared that the real initiative of the brand is to move not producers only but also consumers inside and outside the fashion system. “We want to encourage people all over the world to take action and join the movement towards everyday life gestures that, either small or big, together, make the difference” he added. If the idea of planting 50 millions of trees is something a single individual can’t do on his own, from the campaign emerges that, before thinking big, we should think about our “small” daily routine and how it afflicts our reality: every step, even the smaller one, has an impact over the Planet.

Nature Needs Heroes is the title of the fall/winter 2019 campaign, featuring 12 “eco-heroes”. They wear Timberland’s must have for the autumn winter 2019 season and, in the meantime, they are environmental icons we should take inspiration from. it’s only a tree, but multiplied for 50 millions can really make a difference.

Words by Giulia Greco

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