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The most electric exhibition: David Bowie by Masayoshi Sukita

David Bowie. A man known for such talent when it came to performing and writing songs.

An influential character that was, and still is, seen as a worldwide inspiration and that is what Japanese photographer, Masayoshi Sukita thought as well.

Masayoshi Sukita e David Bowie ©Ph by Mark Higashino

Sukita created an electric 60 image exhibition for Italy, showing the vibrant side of David Bowie and who he was. His character is portrayed throughout each shot captured by the talented photographer. The images include some iconic images that illustrated the cover of the album HEROES and also some pieces never seen in Italy before. A portrayal of Bowie's life captured by the friendship between the musical legend and Masayoshi.

Throughout the duration of the exhibition there will be also other events in the style of Bowie.

Le Nozze di Figaro will coordinate a set of acoustic musicians and the fans will be able to find a selection of books and merchandising dedicated to him.

It is a must exhibition to attend for 2019, and one not to forget. The Starman will not be forgotten also thanks to his legacy that will always continue with his longtime friend Masayoshi Sukita, who captured his best and personal moments.

Heroes - Bowie by Sukita March 30 - June 28 2019. Palazzo Medici Riccardi, Florence.

by Jordan Ellen Wood


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