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Iconic symbol of the 90s, the Hightower Platform, or the wedge shoes, represented the girl power

of those years. Generally white, the shoes with wedge, the Buffalo and the summer platform sandals became soon trendy; so much so that the most famous pop female group in those years, the Spice Girls, made it a compulsive fever, especially among teen girls.

Today those shoes are back to the top and have been revisited by Buffalo London, an English brand that, in the mid-1990s, promoted this trend by combining simple sneakers with a wedged sole.

The historic English designer, Vivienne Westwood, was the first to show this type of shoe on catwalk; in fact, for its latest spring summer 2019 collection she decided to collaborate with Buffalo London.

Thanks to the creative hand of Andreas Kronthaler, creative director of Buffalo London, two models of shoes have been created where the union between Vivienne Westwood's rock soul and the retro design of Buffalo London is clearly visible.

Pirate Boot Platform and Connected Sandal Platform are the models available exclusively in Vivienne Westwood boutiques in Milan, London, Paris, Los Angeles, New York and online.

The two pieces were made of soft red and black printed leather with contrasting buckles.

Italian article written by Eleonora Moneta


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