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5 Parisian menswear niche- brands you need to know


Ami means «friend» in French, showing the informal approach to fashion of this brand. It also stands for the initials of Alexandre Mattiusi, the Parisian designer who launched the brand in 2011. And the man is far from being inexperienced, from Dior Homme to Marc Jacobs, through Givenchy. The success of the brand came quickly, from its first collection for F/

W2011 to the ANDAM award in 2013. Now, the brand has six shops in Paris, Hong Kong, Lon- don and Tokyo, and is sold in over 300 points of sales. The brand embodies the Parisian effort- lessness, with casual and friendly vibes.

Campaign Spring/Summer 2018 - Pre-Fall 2018 - Backstages Spring/Summer 2017


Afterhomework (Paris) was created in 2014 by Pierre Kaczmarek (who was only 15 at the time). The name references the fact that he launched the brand while he was still in middle school. Elena Mottola joined the brand as the stylist in 2016. She brought new technical skills to the

brand, broadening the type of garments. Communication is key, as shown with their latest cam- paign shot by Boris Camaca.The brand aims for a young audience, mixing urban and sportswear

vibes. The garments are deconstructed, we particularly remember the dress made from menswear ties.

Fall/Winter 2018 - Fall/Winter 2018 - Campaign Spring Summer 2018



Pigalle (Paris) was founded by Stephane Ashpool in 2008. The brand takes part in Paris

Fashion Week since 2009. Named after the Parisian district known for its sexy shops and caba- rets, it is loyal to its name with daring and audacious clothing pieces. The surprising

associations of shapes and colors brought a quick success to them. The brand has been worn by celebrities such as ASAP Rocky, Rihanna or Kobe Bryant. In 2015, they won the Andam award as well. Inspired by ballet, soft pink colors as well as glitter, Ashpool introduced a new way of doing menswear with more delicate shapes and colours. Pigalle recently came out with womenswear pieces, presenting a unisex collection.

Spring/Summer 2018 - Fall/Winter 2018 - Pigalle Basketball Collection



Created in 2002, Maison Kitsuné is a company founded by Gilles Loaec and Masaya Kuroki. The name means «fox» in Japanese. Not only does the company has fashion lines for menswear and womenswear, it also produces music. The brand identity is anchored in the mix of Japanese and French cultures mixing comfort and simplicity, while working with wardrobes staples. By 2017, they had more than 300 points of sales and around 10 shops in New York, Hong Kong and Paris.

Fall/Winter 2018 -  Fall/Winter 2017 capsule collection inspired by American football - Spring/Summer 2018



Lemaire is a collective brand founded by Christophe Lemaire and Sarah-Linh Tran, designing for both men and women. Christophe left Hermès creative direction to start this brand in 2014. This is a new start for the designer (who founded an eponymous brand in the 90s too). Focusing on everyday wear, it is inspired by sportswear as well as minimalism, and works on the essentials of men’s wardrobes with fine tailoring.

Fall/Winter 2018 Backstages - Fall/Winter 2018 - Spring/Summer 2018

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