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"Harmonic Disharmony"

The term “De Stijl” in Dutch means “style”. Known also as Neoplasticism, we are talking

about an artistic trend that began in the Netherlands in 1917 with a manifesto, De Stijl precisely, published by Piet Mondrian and Theo van Doesburg to describe their art which included a search for abstraction, geometry and essentiality.

Mondrian’s paintings, in his continuous search for balance and simplicity, actually hide a great job towards his idea of perfection, far from being a fast and “simple” as it is often described by those who do not appreciate very much ‘modern Art’.

It is precisely Mondrian who has inspired team of this editorial featured in April issue.

A search for lines, voids, balance, color, with an architectural rendering.

Photography & Art Direction Alessandro Esposito

Style & Creative Direction Veronica Bergamini

Makeup Barbara Bonazza using MAC cosmetics

Hair Style Matteo Bartolini c/o Freelancer Agency

using DYSON Hair

Models Chiara Pino, Violetta Bogadanova c/o Brave models

Eva Cavecchi c/o Wonderwall

Photography Assistant Giorgos Ioannidis

Style Assistant Giada Restelli

Casting Direction Monica Bernacchi c/o LINE UP

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