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Milan Fall 2018/19 Trends

Milan is the city of experiment and fun in fashion. The city maintained its super creative status in the Fall Winter 2018 fashion shows. Winter months are known for its dull and cold weather, hence the things we wear are also dark, usually for comfort and warmth. Yet, Milan Fashion Week scratched this theory! Milan set the mood for Fall Winter as colourful, bold and fun!

Neons from Prada, embroidery from Dolce & Gabbana, Clueless vibes from Versace… Definitely nothing dull or boring was there! Milan taught us to never give up colour, even if the weather is grey.

Especially underlining the influence of the ‘80s, we saw a glimpse of ‘90s streetwear in the collections shown. Everything was over the top and glamorous just like the glitz and glamour of the eighties. If you are the kind of person who is always taking risks in fashion choices, Milan Fashion Week is just the perfect pick! Take a look at the trends of the extravagant fashion collections in Milan.

Put Your Head in the Game

What is the accessory that comes to your mind when you think of Fall Winter? Yes! Hats! From paperboy caps to bucket hats, models were all wearing headpieces to emphasise the styles. Even beanies were all high fashion and extravagant. You will love the hat trend as it keeps you warm and trendy throughout the cold season.

Geometry Class

Not sure if you’re missing your math class from high school, yet Milan definitely brought back geometry back in our lives. Unlike the checks and stripes of New York and London, Milan brought as all sorts of geometric motifs. Either wear them head to toe or paired with other designs.

Handbags are too Mainstream

Carrying handbags in your arm is out of fashion! Milan Fashion Week introduced new accessories. From heads to baby dragons, Gucci up front showed that handbags were out and unexpected objects were in!

Highlighter Game

Neon highlighters are turning into a fashion trend. Forget its Winter and wear colour. Not even colour! Wear neon and be bold. Milan Fashion Week showcased colours that are too bright that it actually has the potential to hurt your eyes!

Wild Fashion

Leopard is never not fashion. Yet, Milan Fashion Week just like New York and London showed that this year animal prints are the trendiest print of all. With minimal, maximal and colourful animal prints, fashion is getting wild for 2018.

See Through

Transparent clothing have evolved into empowering fashion. Exposing the woman body is not only sexy but freeing. Milan Fashion Week surely empowered women with all the sheer fashion. For 2018, don’t be afraid to reveal it all, or parts, it’s just up to your taste!


Blankets are not only for your cozy afternoons chilling infornt of the TV. Milan proved that blankets can be chic accessories in your daily life. Winters are becoming colder and colder each year, and nothing is able to warm us anymore. Thankfully, we have blankets to wear during the unbearable weathers!

Sephia Filter

This season you won’t need the nostalgic sephia filter… Why? Because fashion is in tan, beige and brown colours back from the ‘70s! The real-life sephia filters will be everywhere so start stocking those beige coats before Winter 2018!


If you are searching for a perfect term for Milan Fashion Week. It is most definitely maximalism! The glamour and glitz of the ‘80s is still strong and bold in Autumn Winter 2018 collections. There is no understatement for 2018, it is all about the big and bold statements!

My Fair Lady

Ladylike is another subtle trend in Milan. With all the glamour and the maximalism, lady style dresses were also prominent in Milan. There is always two types of people, Jackie Kennedy or Marilyn Monroe. Pick your side of ladylike and wear it in 2018.

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